My Portfolio

Available Paintings

These oil paintings are currently available for sale. Please contact me directly if you are interested in making a purchase.

georgian bay pines 48x36


gallop 36x36

beach - windy day 30x60

impression sky 48x60

black cows in winter1 30x40

Peony 2 48x60

sky study 8x12

Pine Grove Georgian Bay 24x24

georgian bay - wild rocks 40x60

dock in autumn 40x60

irises 48x60

lily pond 30x40

misty field 40x60

catching frogs 36x36

birchgrove 24x30

birches 28x32

pasture 18x24

waterlilies 48x48

These paintings are currently on display at various galleries.


aspen grove 30x40

Aspen Grove 36x60

aspen grove 36x60

birches 36x48

Birches in Snow 30x40

Coopers falls 36x48

Creemore 40x60

Creemore Vista 40x60

Dundas Streetcar2 30x40


fall birch 40x40

Fall Pond Sumac 60x48

freedom1 30x40

furrowed field 30x40

gallop 24x36

gallop 36x36

Georgian Bay Pines 48x36

holsteins 30x30

Fall day 30x40

lavender hill 36x48

Muskoka Autumn 18x24

muskoka sky 8x12

pine grove georgian bay 48x72

Pond 30x40

pond's edge 30x30

pond's edge 60x48

river 36x48


sky studio 12x16

splashing wave 30x36

summer clouds 46x72

summer fields 30x60

Sunset 48x60

Unnamed Island - Georgian Bay 42x72

Vista 24x36

Vista 48x72

wave 24x36

wave 40x40

WaveI 40x40

waveII 40x40

WaveIII 40x40

wetlands 36x60

White Caps, Georgian Bay 30x40


winter twilight 48x60


These paintings have been sold.

Summer Clouds 36x48

Vista Websterville 48x72

Barns 30x40

Barnyard Winter 30x40

Beach 136x48


Birch Trees 148x36


Colangelo Niagara Vineyards 46x72


croatian farmhouse3 36x60

dawn 36x48

Dawn 42x42

Dundas Streetcar 30x40

escarpment fields 48x72



Gerrard Streetcar 20x24 (1)


holsteins grazing 24x36

Holsteins 48x72



Mid Afternoon Georgian Bay 48x72

Misty Dawn 60x60

misty dawn 60x60

Misty Vista 48x72

Mother and Child 48x36

Pine Trees Killarney 60x48

pond's edge 36x60

queen streetcar 20x24

queen streetcar 30x40

road to monastary 24x30


Rosseau Falls 36x48

Waterfall 48x36